Quiet Blog…. Not for Long! Anybody There??

The written word for my blog has been a little bare for few days but I have had a few decent excuses, one being surprised to a Spa week end -sheer bliss. Not allowed to take my phone with me even though  I was in safe hands but a bit lost without the thing. To be truthful I’m not an avid phone user but when I was prevented (by my friends) from having my phone with me I felt a little lost. Oh dear, makes me wonder what I’ve turned in to, for example BIG rule never have the phone at the dinner table and yes I still have that rule, but actually not having a phone for ANY access was a bit strange

I got over it. Back to normal ring – ring anybody  there?

After having a healthy weekend I returned feeling a little sheepish, as I’ve previously posted I did start Yoga and then did’nt do much about it.  I fully intended but I did’nt, well now I am going to do a big something about it;

I WILL continue with my class

I WILL make the time

I WILL enjoy.

I’ve also been doing a little research, well a bit more than a little research it’s taken a number of months and I am pleased with the out come. About year ago I was whiling away a few spare hours really just peeping around the net seeing what was on trend etc. and  I found some really interesting sites selling repro vintage accessories, jewellery and shabby chic home decor items. After a lot of pondering eventually I decided to buy a small quantity (very small)  bits jewellery and scarves, As I already sell my Handmade cards I realised I maybe had,  all be it a small  captive audience to sell to so I bit  the bullet and went for it.  Talk about the last of the big spenders I had arrived all, of £50 worth of stock being coveted by my conscience, my fear of being left with this stock…yes all of  50 quid… was ridiculous.

I’d bought and  I’d  sold, so some days later I repeated my exercise ordered some more stock, again only small items and still small quantities and yes I had the same level of success. ….Consequently I have extended my range. Well to be truthful I could’nt  display a smaller range LOL. so my extended range is still “small” but growing I hope. All I’m doing is rinse and repeat on a very non commercial scale, almost like testing the waters, so I feel quite justified in being a little excited

I have taken a long time to decide what I’d like to sell,  I wanted to create an interest so that people would remember even if they did’nt buy.

Now I’m thinking of other products that are of interest so I’ll test a little further and let you know.