Look what you find when you least expect it…


Again doing a bit of cleaning and look what I’ve found some bone china earings dating back to the 40’s

I knew they were somewhere but had’nt thought about them for years and I’ve suddenly come across them. They are clip on’s not many people had peirced  ears in those days They are so pretty I would’nt wear them as they are very delicate, I’m sure theres a home for them somewhere




All things Vintage… vintage china, my magpie attraction and collection for soooooo many items!!

My battle with china hoardings!!!                                                  

Originally china  does actually come from the beautiful country of China, where it was handcrafted in different parts of the country well this dates back many centuries, so if anybody has a find  dating back to these times they would be incredibly lucky and probably spotted by an experts anyway.

Having said that there’s still  plenty of pretty fine china to be had. Takes a bit of searching in bric a brac shops, in the UK the car boot is a great place to strike lucky then of course also we have charity shops where  you will invariably pick something up. I’m always looking for something that is pretty to add to the pieces I’ve already got. Never ending really…

My collections are usually from Victorian up to the ’70’s. mainly consist of complete or part tea sets / dinner sets. I have to admit I never go looking for that piece to complete a set if I do find it and I can remember what I’ve got at home and its in excellent condition I’d probably make a conscious effort to buy…..never happened yet. Needless to say my pieces are quite random but I like it like that.

I’ve also been lucky to inherit pieces along the way over the years. Lets face it there was no hope for me really it has to go on I will admit I’m an avid collector of a number of vintage styles, for instance jewellery the deco era especially.

I digress..again.

A recently bought plate is an example of a pretty design leaning towards probably the victorian / edwardian  era as the holes on the edge of the plate where ribbon would be threaded through is indicative of that period of time. This not  particularly a plate of value there is no marker on the reverse but it’s probably a replica of that time maybe produced in the ’30’s-’50’s or maybe produced as fair ground prizes. My tastes are varied.

I have to say all this varied collection prompted me to make use of my china some time ago and I did start hiring it out for small vintage tea parties which are very popular and in demand. It was a good move but then this wedding had to be organised and I let things slide a bit….should never do that but I’m still getting the odd enquiry so at this stage with no move taking place and no wedding happening in the near future, I’ve decided to move it forward again

Wishing myself a shedfull of luck. LOL

Getting close to relaunch

Card stocks moving along  I hope, I’m getting organised with my cards thought I’d put some pics in readiness while I’m organising a few things.

DSC_0301Hard work but really worth it in the end.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA happy hour we all appreciate, I hope!!!

Beautiful Baby Girl

Beautiful Baby Girl

This will cheer you up

This will cheer you up

Just For You.....

Just For You…..




Now it’s panic. Glamour Vintage things needed for wedding.

Have been looking at candelabra table centres and they are sooooo expensive to hire  and that’s without having flowers put on them so is there anybody out there with, with some hidden away in some vintage hoarding attic,shed wherever… ….happy to hire/buy

Any info would be fab

Wedding in North Somerset.

In anticipation Thank you

Help! wedding invite ideas ASAP. pleeeeease

Big wedding happening on 1920’s —1940’s style invites and accessories.

Been trying to get appropriate dies/templates to indicate the Deco style for the past number of months to no avail. Just can’t believe after trawling the net worldwide for something even similar.

Anybody with any ideas or info pleeeease help. Slight panic setting in aaaagh!

Living in hope

“Time” Things To Do….Handcrafted Cards the Order of the Day.

Where does the time go, how many times has everybody said that. Look forget about where its gone….its just gone.

Don’t even think about making up for lost time, you’ll waste more time worrying about it, but you can get on and get cracking with other missions.

I tend to call them missions as that is what I’m like when I get an “idea” in my head .Oh I get a lot of ideas about  but only a few surface and become public knowledge. I love the fact that most of us with enough drive and ambition can create something out of nothing.

Work on instincts of a good idea…stay grounded, explore, come to a conclusion and “DO”

Just For You.....

Just For You…