Lapworth Bargers on a Sunny Autumn Morning

It does’nt get much better, well having said that I’ve walked the towpaths in mid winter and as it does…. have a certain appeal but it is muddy and grumpy, but today it’s gorgeous the blue sky is bright and the sun is shinning, a lot of the trees are turning colour and starting to shed their leaves giving you a lovely dappled effect on the towpath.

Lots of walkers making the most of the lovely weather and everybody seems to be in a good mood, smiles galore and chirpy “good mornings”. You know when you smile the world really does “smile with you”! Probably the fact its a Sunday helps to make people feel “NOT IN WORK YAY !


Where they meet from Stratford upon Avon to Birmingham

Where the canals meet from Stratford upon Avon