Getting close to relaunch

Card stocks moving along  I hope, I’m getting organised with my cards thought I’d put some pics in readiness while I’m organising a few things.

DSC_0301Hard work but really worth it in the end.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA happy hour we all appreciate, I hope!!!

Beautiful Baby Girl

Beautiful Baby Girl

This will cheer you up

This will cheer you up

Just For You.....

Just For You…..





Time flies all to quickly….

Special Cards for Special Friends

Special Cards for Special Friends

No more making excuses why I have’nt been getting on with things, too much involvement with a lot of things going on.

Have been busy house hunting in Bristol..not actually in the town but in a quieter location, a nice village would be ideal but I’ll see what happens, the thought of moving again is daunting though. the physicality of boxing everything up and organising the whole thing…..I think to myself , do I really want to do this ?????

Had another birthday recently…if only it brought with it a bit more wisdom!

Of course we’ve just had Mothers day here I was given a voucher to attend an Annie Sloan painting day, learning different techniques on using the chalk paints. I have been dabbling a bit with the paints, and they are amazing to use. Have only done small items, couple picture frames, boxes and bottles so really looking forward to my class. will treat myself over Easter I think. For me its an ideal gift, I was so pleased.

I’m thinking of getting involved with craft fayres this year so I must get cracking with card stocks, think it will be good fun, still planning my intended stock. I’m hoping to also go to an organic soap making course another craft that I’ve been thinking about it for ages, now I’m going to do it..really excited.



I’ve put some cards on just to encourage myself to get cracking for the fayres!!




Is wedding fever an invisible horror that renders you helpless to obey every creative whimsical thought that floats through your head???

Of course as I have mentioned previously my daughter is getting married in early November. I have or rather WE have been  heavily involved with these wonderful “art deco” but nerve-racking preparations although it does’nt help that we live in separate parts of the country.It has meant that any visiting of wedding planners, florists, events people etc etc the lists of appointments goes on…. and as for the hunting and eventual  fittings of the wedding dress, well I’ll just leave it there shall I!  The journeys have proved to be tiring almost a 300 mile round trip each time. Well it is all in a good cause and she is marrying a “top chap” as they’d say in the “art deco” days, seriously he’s great and I have’nt minded one journey made, but FOUR weeks to go….. and I’m just hoping everything has been covered oh god am I hoping!!!!!

All hand made invites made and sent out. I can tell you they took hours to make but well worth it in the end

I do say it all with masses of levity but I do feel I’ve done a crash course in events planning which I secretly enjoyed I think, I have organised special parties and produced a fair, nooo a good result even if I say so myself (LOL) but then I’m probably biased as they were localised “do’s”. never the less all used to go well.

As a florist I have dealt with brides and mothers of brides and grooms and the grandma’s, aunties the list goes on and on and probably to the zinth degree every other female member of all weddings, and you roll with the punches you preen with the praise but you carry the unsavoury can if things are’nt quite right and yes it can happen, I delivered all flowers to the hotel in good time for this one wedding and the hotel staff put the mother of groom basket of flowers in direct line of an extractor fan ,that would’nt have been too bad but this thing was an industrial extractor fan took most petals off. Thankfully technically it was’nt my fault, but on generous reflection felt I had to help make things right. Eventually the mother saw the funny side of it after hotel gave her a bottle of champers and I generously replaced the flowers. She did rather well out of it I think!!

So now I am the one in charge (well I think I am ha-ha) and I have a sneaky feeling I’m turning into the godzilla mother of the bride .Maybe I’m not………










Now it’s panic. Glamour Vintage things needed for wedding.

Have been looking at candelabra table centres and they are sooooo expensive to hire  and that’s without having flowers put on them so is there anybody out there with, with some hidden away in some vintage hoarding attic,shed wherever… ….happy to hire/buy

Any info would be fab

Wedding in North Somerset.

In anticipation Thank you

Help! wedding invite ideas ASAP. pleeeeease

Big wedding happening on 1920’s —1940’s style invites and accessories.

Been trying to get appropriate dies/templates to indicate the Deco style for the past number of months to no avail. Just can’t believe after trawling the net worldwide for something even similar.

Anybody with any ideas or info pleeeease help. Slight panic setting in aaaagh!

Living in hope

Rain could not stop the great fun of the Lapworth Scarecrow Festival.

Lapworth Scarecrow Festival in its 9th year’

Originally this festival originated in the 1990’s in the Midlands and it has rapidly spread and is celebrated by many villages in the area. Its held as a great fun day while at the same time raising funds for local charities.

Great fun to be had at the local village of Lapworth last Saturday and Sunday.

It’s always a weekend the village works towards in order to raise money for local charities. Yet again the organisers had done a great job and we were there in droves even though the rain did decide to try and dampen things, but we’re made of more resilient stuff.The scarecrows had been made and they were on show to be judged. There were 70 exhibits dotted all over the place some strapped to lamp posts others staked to the ground then others propped against garden walls etc

Spongebob Squarepants, Harry Potter, Paddington Bear, Homer Simpson and even Father Xmas and his sleigh were on display.

We did have some rain, can’t do much about that but everyone was in good spirits and got in to the generous spirit of things.

The village hall was crammed with all kinds of different craft stalls, home-made cakes, card crafting, sewing items, knitting items amongst many. Even had some exotic animals and creepy crawlies. The children loved them. Can’t say much for myself. Then there was the real ale queue that went on for ever!! So all dads happy there ha-ha!

There was also going to be a fly past by the RAF in a Hurricane Spitfire that had to be cancelled,  and yes due to high winds. Irony or what?


Its nice to say”thank you” it does’nt hurt and costs zilch

I do like to think that I’m quite good at the “thank you” thing I really do appreciate anything that anybody does for me, says something nice or just remembers my ongoing birthdays ( I think far more than I care to admit to  ha-ha) and to remember to say a sincere thank you is important and it is just nice. To show appreciation with a “thank you” can brighten your day or more importantly you can brighten somebody’s day.

And the best thing about it is it costs nothing to say thank you  nothing, nothing!!

Now for the personal situation that requires more than just those important few words why not send a card?

Thank You

Thank You