Had to Buy Just in Case. Like Packing a Suitecase with the “Just in Case Clothes” ( that you never wear)

Meant to put this on my previous post but I forgot, have  just bought an almost full roll of  old fashioned style material, I would’nt say it’s vintage but it does look old, just the job to make table clothes and napkins with . here it comes “Just in case ” I get my vintage china and decor idea off the ground

Crazy or what. got to have ideas take them forward


Jewellery Bought and Sold. I Wonder ?

Had a very busy week dashing around sometimes feeling I was getting nowhere and by the end of the day realising all was not lost I had made some progress, probably not as much as I’d liked, but keep going eh!

There are lots of vintage type events happening around here at the moment, no I don’t go to them all, but few I miss….begrudgingly, sometimes I feel like a vintage stalker. ….I’m drawn to these places like  a magnet.

I have got passed the stage of seeing things and buying because I like the items, I’ve probably got a bit more grown up about it ???  I try to make an informed decision on things I may just sell on.    I dont go in for big items like furniture leave that to the big boys, I mainly collect jewellery, ’cause I just love jewellery.In the next week or so theres going to be a free valuation service presented   Fellows and Sons of Birmingham. They buy and sell most kinds jewellery and watches. They are holding a sort of “bring your stuff along and we’ll value it for you” A bit like the programme in the U.K. called the antiques road show. I’m going to pay a visit and see if my purchases have been wise buys or at the very least reasonable  purchases.

We’ll see, heres hoping.,

Vintage China – Going Going Gone!!!

Well maybe not exactly gone….but maybe on its way

I made a post a few days ago saying I had quite a good idea of putting my old china plates,cups and saucers etc to good use. This idea did’nt actually originate from me, so no claim there. Through a friend of a friend sort of situation I was asked if I’d consider loaning some of my crockery out. I do have a bit of a reputation for collecting china, one of my favourites, anyway I gave it a bit of thought and  I suddenly felt precious about my pieces, I did feel a bit funny about it  Although  I did smile to myself, there I was suddenly getting very precious about it and when I did eventually get in to the unopened boxes I found  I’d forgotten about more than half the stuff. I don’t know whether I felt guilty for hoarding this stuff without thought, or feeling a bit mean about sharing it. Needless to say I cleared my conscience and loaned it willingly, all 8 place settings plus extra bits.

It was for an very elderly lady’s  90th birthday I have to admit the table looked very pretty I put a lace tablecloth on the table and put the 8 settings in place with sugar bowl, milk jug,  teapot and a few other bits. I even put some old fashioned flowers in the centre, very casual a bit countryfied. It was so easy to achieve and looked quite charming. It was a pleasure to do and the lady seemed so pleased. I did feel like giving myself a pat on the head, but I suppose that was going too far he-he!

Now I’m waiting for some kind of response to my advert from the auction site…nothing as yet, but it has’nt long been on.


Going Back in Time

A while back I was asked to help at a vintage charity sale / auction for the church, at the time I had just moved into the area and was happy to help it gave me a chance to meet more people, so that was all good stuff. I have to admit that I thought this “vintage” sale was going to be a bit of a bric a brac  do. Nevertheless, we were all there to help raise money for charity and we’de all work as a team.

The preperation days arrived and  I was so surprised when I got there, this was no ordinary raise money for the church thing, this had been done before very successfully. So I soon very enthusiastically got into the swing of things. I was amazed at the authenticity of the clothes, accessories, jewellery etc. Items just went on and on. We all know people can give generously to charity especially local community charities’ but this was amazing. I just could’nt get over the quality of the clothes donated. There were genuine haute couture from the 30’s 40′ and 50’s Maybe more I could have missed them. I was in my element,continued to really get stuck into things.

A couple of the most gorgeous wedding dresses from the 20’s and 30’s. What a luxury real silk from top to toe in the plainest of designs well the sort flapper style and it was a tiny size almost doll like, they were skinny even in those days. The other one was I think a 30’s style

Apparently we had over a thousand people through the door and a lot of those people were students from the Art and Design College. and they were snapping up clothes, they were almost fighting for some things.

These students loved this vintage look you could tell as what they were generally wearing was very much “the old look” and they looked great.

My only buy was a 50’s broach and a couple of  metres of lace, but I was happy.

Oh yes £9.000 was raised for charity which was fabulous but what a great couple of days.