Quiet Blog…. Not for Long! Anybody There??

The written word for my blog has been a little bare for few days but I have had a few decent excuses, one being surprised to a Spa week end -sheer bliss. Not allowed to take my phone with me even though  I was in safe hands but a bit lost without the thing. To be truthful I’m not an avid phone user but when I was prevented (by my friends) from having my phone with me I felt a little lost. Oh dear, makes me wonder what I’ve turned in to, for example BIG rule never have the phone at the dinner table and yes I still have that rule, but actually not having a phone for ANY access was a bit strange

I got over it. Back to normal ring – ring anybody  there?

After having a healthy weekend I returned feeling a little sheepish, as I’ve previously posted I did start Yoga and then did’nt do much about it.  I fully intended but I did’nt, well now I am going to do a big something about it;

I WILL continue with my class

I WILL make the time

I WILL enjoy.

I’ve also been doing a little research, well a bit more than a little research it’s taken a number of months and I am pleased with the out come. About year ago I was whiling away a few spare hours really just peeping around the net seeing what was on trend etc. and  I found some really interesting sites selling repro vintage accessories, jewellery and shabby chic home decor items. After a lot of pondering eventually I decided to buy a small quantity (very small)  bits jewellery and scarves, As I already sell my Handmade cards I realised I maybe had,  all be it a small  captive audience to sell to so I bit  the bullet and went for it.  Talk about the last of the big spenders I had arrived all, of £50 worth of stock being coveted by my conscience, my fear of being left with this stock…yes all of  50 quid… was ridiculous.

I’d bought and  I’d  sold, so some days later I repeated my exercise ordered some more stock, again only small items and still small quantities and yes I had the same level of success. ….Consequently I have extended my range. Well to be truthful I could’nt  display a smaller range LOL. so my extended range is still “small” but growing I hope. All I’m doing is rinse and repeat on a very non commercial scale, almost like testing the waters, so I feel quite justified in being a little excited

I have taken a long time to decide what I’d like to sell,  I wanted to create an interest so that people would remember even if they did’nt buy.

Now I’m thinking of other products that are of interest so I’ll test a little further and let you know.


Packwood House….Stately Home….Volunteering is Essential to Help Sustain Our Bygone Era

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One of my passions is visiting  Stately Homes, I have walked miles over the years visiting these wonderful old places, dragging along one very tired husband and  shall we say one  slightly bored daughter and another daughter who as the years went by  gained an absolute consummate  interest in the subject  matter. I always said she should have done a history degree not journalism!!

Going on holidays my aim was always to scope out the nearest place of historical interest, whether we would be holidaying home or abroad.  Probably drove everybody nuts ,but they all humoured me, bless them. I bet deep down they thoroughly enjoyed it, well you never know!.

The years have rolled by but the interest has never dwindled, my second daughter still has the same enthusiasm as when she was young. So I still have an alley who at the drop of a hat who will trawl around  with me. Then I had an epiphany, why not find out to see if they require volunteers at one of these  wonderful  old houses close by. So now my mission is set and expecting it to be a bit difficult to find out any information and get an interview, “little did I know” not the case at all these beautiful old chunks of history are crying out for volunteers.

I was accepted as a volunteer. I felt so privileged it was like somebody giving me a gold bar, it really was. I felt like I was on hallowed ground. Slight overstatement but I felt great.

I turned up for the first time ( Jubilee Celebration  Monday) at Packwood House deep in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside “I was now officially working, well volunteering at least at  a beautifully interesting old house. Now I had so much to learn was a bit nervous hoping that I wasn’t going to be overwhelmed and dropped in at the deep end, well I survived.

Packwood House is a beautiful old manor  type house deep in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside, it is actually owned by the National Trust which does everything within its power to provide the public with a strong sense of interest, belonging and provoke a distinct curiosity and love for a bygone age.

This is my 2nd year volunteering, the fortunate part is, this year they will be open most of the year instead of it being purely seasonal. So great things ahead I think.

As a volunteer you can be called on to help in many areas but you do establish what is suitable for you and what you can and be

prepared to do. Generally flexibility is the name of the game.

Not Forgotten – I Will Return To Yoga.

In a  previous post I mentioned I had started to go to yoga, previous being about 6 weeks ago, well I’m ashamed to say (in my defence I’m being honest, really!) and have to admit that I have’nt been since after that 1st one but I did have every intention of continuing….but I did’nt.So bite me!!!

I am reminded now and again “its yoga night tonight …is’nt it or maybe it’s tomorrow night?” I am surrounded by friends who nearly all “do” yoga and take great delight in dropping the inevitable hint about my one class. I know what they are up to.Well it’s now become an obsession with everybody I think.I feel I have to avoid  immediate contact with these normally splendid considerate people, and lets face  do I remind them when they started attending “creative writing ” and were never seen in class again, they disappeared as though they had never walked the earth but did I ever rib them or harangue them…no I did’nt, I let it go, thought I was being a good friend (obviously very modest with it ha-ha)

Well here I am wanting to go to yoga again and I just can’t, its been so long since my one and only visit. I will persevere and slope off to another class. Would I do that.?

The Calm Before the Buzz

Strolling along the High St  at late afternoon the myriad of visitors seemed to have slowly made their way home, where ever home is. The throng of people has well and truly thinned out but for the few still around and about it takes on a different quality of presence. Now you can bask in the relative quiet of ancient history, uninterrupted by people jostling and shoving and pushing to get the “great picture or video” to show back home. Now you can take in and absorb the essence of this wonderful ancient architecture.

Where Are the Visitors?

Where Are the Visitors?


Resting Not for Long

Resting Not for Long

Shakespeare’s Birthplace Picturesque Stratford-upon-Avon

Fabulous day spent at Stratford-upon-Avon amid the glorious (unusual) sunshine.  I think next to Buckingham Palace and the likes all the London Royal sites William Shakespeare’s must be the second most popular attraction in the country. I don’t know that for a fact so its definitely not quoteable but last Saturday Stratford was heaving with people, you could hardly move

As I made my way from the parking towards the town which was a  different route Not having been to Stratford-upon-Avon for sooo many years I was wondering how much of it I’d forgotten /  remembered suddenly the River Avon was in front of me and the whole cavalcade of memories started at Sheep St and slight meloncholy set in for a little while. That  passed and the  anticipation of seeing all the old places we used to visit was a strange feeling but a bit like finding an old pair of  favourite shoes in the back of the wardrobe reluctant to throw them away but you put them away safely ’cause even though you’d forgotten about them you still dont want to get rid of them. So you don’t …ever!

Memories and thoughts stay forever, thank goodness I’d say.

The one thing Id forgotten was the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) of course Stratford is the birthplace of the the Bard (Shakespeare) so this is why the theatre is there. It is a modern building now but the original building dates back centuries

RSC from Clopton Bridge Looking Straight on to the Avon

RSC from Clopton Bridge Looking Straight on to the Avon










Royal Shakespeare Company

Had to Buy Just in Case. Like Packing a Suitecase with the “Just in Case Clothes” ( that you never wear)

Meant to put this on my previous post but I forgot, have  just bought an almost full roll of  old fashioned style material, I would’nt say it’s vintage but it does look old, just the job to make table clothes and napkins with . here it comes “Just in case ” I get my vintage china and decor idea off the ground

Crazy or what. got to have ideas take them forward

Jewellery Bought and Sold. I Wonder ?

Had a very busy week dashing around sometimes feeling I was getting nowhere and by the end of the day realising all was not lost I had made some progress, probably not as much as I’d liked, but keep going eh!

There are lots of vintage type events happening around here at the moment, no I don’t go to them all, but few I miss….begrudgingly, sometimes I feel like a vintage stalker. ….I’m drawn to these places like  a magnet.

I have got passed the stage of seeing things and buying because I like the items, I’ve probably got a bit more grown up about it ???  I try to make an informed decision on things I may just sell on.    I dont go in for big items like furniture leave that to the big boys, I mainly collect jewellery, ’cause I just love jewellery.In the next week or so theres going to be a free valuation service presented   Fellows and Sons of Birmingham. They buy and sell most kinds jewellery and watches. They are holding a sort of “bring your stuff along and we’ll value it for you” A bit like the programme in the U.K. called the antiques road show. I’m going to pay a visit and see if my purchases have been wise buys or at the very least reasonable  purchases.

We’ll see, heres hoping.,

For Hire…Vintage Stuff to Entertain in the Old fashioned Way!

For sometime I’ve been advertising my vintage and old fashioned china for hire, it was only an idea and as it was’nt going to cost  me anything to advertise except through social media and some local free outlets and through various little networking events. No harm in making the best of an opportunity after all it could be the  ONE to make or break the idea, well you never know.

Had no idea how it was going to pan out, but what has materialised is people not only want vintage china and a few extras  but the whole accessorised event  –  the old fashioned look of table cloths etc but also suitably scattered old fashioned pieces of decor vintage, I don’t have that kind of thing, so with the feed back I’m debating whether to rummage through goodness know where to find (if I’m lucky) these old things or to buy repro stuff the kind of look alike things. I did have feedback that’s worth thinking about.The demand is there so now I have to decide. It all started as a small hire of china but people want more.

“Thoughts in progress”  as they say.


Sheer Fluke of a Find

I recently posted about a treasured rug (not an old one) coming out of storage with a bit of a whiff,   and I went on to say how I’d sprayed Bicarbonate of Soda  then vacuumed it off after a day or so I was so surprised that it had started  to get rid of the problem. I continued to do the same thing during the course of the week. Well  7 days  on problem solved. I will continue to do it for another week just to make sure

Really pleased I spent the early hours of the morning flicking from one channel to another on the TV and found this particulare programme. The old remedies are the best!

Smelly Carpet Syndrome…..Rescued by Cooking Ingredient. It Works

Having recently moved across the country from one home to another a transition which took about 18mths I was in a position where all my home contents were put into storage. Eventually some time down the line it all came out and ensconced in my present house and I have gradually sorted things out. My biggest concern was a very large woollen chinese  rug, that when rolled out was a bit smelly to say the least. It made me cry almost. It could’nt possibly be used. I was very upset as we’de taken advice on how to prepare it for storage, it was done for us professionally.I was gutted I even thought I’d have to get rid of it!

By sheer chance there was a programme on TV giving natural remedy saving  tips on general household cleaning . I have to admit that I’m very interested in natural remedies for skin care especially, but they are things that my grandmother taught me. This programme suggested that Bicarbonate of Soda sprinkled on the carpet will eliminate any smell. The only bicarb I had was a smallish container of the stuff (used  for cooking) Well last night I laid out the rug on the garage floor and sprinkled the bit of bicarb I had on it.Now I will need more (its a big rug) bicard. I am so relieved the smell is diminishing, it really is so I’m hoping as the week goes on it will become less and less and then nothing. I have to say probably the worse thing that was ever hit the carpet was the odd glass wine (honestly just the odd glass) So I am one very relieved that all is not lost and my gorgeous rug is healing……It works