Royal Baby Alert

The country is getting very excited we will soon have another heir to the throne, 3rd in line.

At one time it was only a son that could become a rightful heir to the throne but our constitutional laws have changed in the last year or so allowing the birth of a girl to inherit the title. They are predicting Kate will have a girl????   We will find out soon!


Packwood House….Stately Home….Volunteering is Essential to Help Sustain Our Bygone Era

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One of my passions is visiting  Stately Homes, I have walked miles over the years visiting these wonderful old places, dragging along one very tired husband and  shall we say one  slightly bored daughter and another daughter who as the years went by  gained an absolute consummate  interest in the subject  matter. I always said she should have done a history degree not journalism!!

Going on holidays my aim was always to scope out the nearest place of historical interest, whether we would be holidaying home or abroad.  Probably drove everybody nuts ,but they all humoured me, bless them. I bet deep down they thoroughly enjoyed it, well you never know!.

The years have rolled by but the interest has never dwindled, my second daughter still has the same enthusiasm as when she was young. So I still have an alley who at the drop of a hat who will trawl around  with me. Then I had an epiphany, why not find out to see if they require volunteers at one of these  wonderful  old houses close by. So now my mission is set and expecting it to be a bit difficult to find out any information and get an interview, “little did I know” not the case at all these beautiful old chunks of history are crying out for volunteers.

I was accepted as a volunteer. I felt so privileged it was like somebody giving me a gold bar, it really was. I felt like I was on hallowed ground. Slight overstatement but I felt great.

I turned up for the first time ( Jubilee Celebration  Monday) at Packwood House deep in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside “I was now officially working, well volunteering at least at  a beautifully interesting old house. Now I had so much to learn was a bit nervous hoping that I wasn’t going to be overwhelmed and dropped in at the deep end, well I survived.

Packwood House is a beautiful old manor  type house deep in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside, it is actually owned by the National Trust which does everything within its power to provide the public with a strong sense of interest, belonging and provoke a distinct curiosity and love for a bygone age.

This is my 2nd year volunteering, the fortunate part is, this year they will be open most of the year instead of it being purely seasonal. So great things ahead I think.

As a volunteer you can be called on to help in many areas but you do establish what is suitable for you and what you can and be

prepared to do. Generally flexibility is the name of the game.

The Calm Before the Buzz

Strolling along the High St  at late afternoon the myriad of visitors seemed to have slowly made their way home, where ever home is. The throng of people has well and truly thinned out but for the few still around and about it takes on a different quality of presence. Now you can bask in the relative quiet of ancient history, uninterrupted by people jostling and shoving and pushing to get the “great picture or video” to show back home. Now you can take in and absorb the essence of this wonderful ancient architecture.

Where Are the Visitors?

Where Are the Visitors?


Resting Not for Long

Resting Not for Long