Time flies all to quickly….

Special Cards for Special Friends

Special Cards for Special Friends

No more making excuses why I have’nt been getting on with things, too much involvement with a lot of things going on.

Have been busy house hunting in Bristol..not actually in the town but in a quieter location, a nice village would be ideal but I’ll see what happens, the thought of moving again is daunting though. the physicality of boxing everything up and organising the whole thing…..I think to myself , do I really want to do this ?????

Had another birthday recently…if only it brought with it a bit more wisdom!

Of course we’ve just had Mothers day here I was given a voucher to attend an Annie Sloan painting day, learning different techniques on using the chalk paints. I have been dabbling a bit with the paints, and they are amazing to use. Have only done small items, couple picture frames, boxes and bottles so really looking forward to my class. will treat myself over Easter I think. For me its an ideal gift, I was so pleased.

I’m thinking of getting involved with craft fayres this year so I must get cracking with card stocks, think it will be good fun, still planning my intended stock. I’m hoping to also go to an organic soap making course another craft that I’ve been thinking about it for ages, now I’m going to do it..really excited.



I’ve put some cards on just to encourage myself to get cracking for the fayres!!





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