Is wedding fever an invisible horror that renders you helpless to obey every creative whimsical thought that floats through your head???

Of course as I have mentioned previously my daughter is getting married in early November. I have or rather WE have been  heavily involved with these wonderful “art deco” but nerve-racking preparations although it does’nt help that we live in separate parts of the country.It has meant that any visiting of wedding planners, florists, events people etc etc the lists of appointments goes on…. and as for the hunting and eventual  fittings of the wedding dress, well I’ll just leave it there shall I!  The journeys have proved to be tiring almost a 300 mile round trip each time. Well it is all in a good cause and she is marrying a “top chap” as they’d say in the “art deco” days, seriously he’s great and I have’nt minded one journey made, but FOUR weeks to go….. and I’m just hoping everything has been covered oh god am I hoping!!!!!

All hand made invites made and sent out. I can tell you they took hours to make but well worth it in the end

I do say it all with masses of levity but I do feel I’ve done a crash course in events planning which I secretly enjoyed I think, I have organised special parties and produced a fair, nooo a good result even if I say so myself (LOL) but then I’m probably biased as they were localised “do’s”. never the less all used to go well.

As a florist I have dealt with brides and mothers of brides and grooms and the grandma’s, aunties the list goes on and on and probably to the zinth degree every other female member of all weddings, and you roll with the punches you preen with the praise but you carry the unsavoury can if things are’nt quite right and yes it can happen, I delivered all flowers to the hotel in good time for this one wedding and the hotel staff put the mother of groom basket of flowers in direct line of an extractor fan ,that would’nt have been too bad but this thing was an industrial extractor fan took most petals off. Thankfully technically it was’nt my fault, but on generous reflection felt I had to help make things right. Eventually the mother saw the funny side of it after hotel gave her a bottle of champers and I generously replaced the flowers. She did rather well out of it I think!!

So now I am the one in charge (well I think I am ha-ha) and I have a sneaky feeling I’m turning into the godzilla mother of the bride .Maybe I’m not………











2 thoughts on “Is wedding fever an invisible horror that renders you helpless to obey every creative whimsical thought that floats through your head???

  1. I remember when I was planning my wedding, I do recall it was hard to not go crazy on all the wonderful ideas I saw on pinterest, websites etc. I wanted it all but eventually reality hit when I realized that I would need Lots and Lots of money to have it all 🙂 Good luck with the planning! BTW the invites are wonderful.


    • Hello there,
      Thank you so much for your kind words about invites, trying to keep my feet on the ground.Talk about the world is your stage.I’m living it. its my humour!!!


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