Starting all over again.

Good morning to anybody who is still reading my blog.

I have been away from my musings for far too long, only because I’ve been taking a business course in my spare time, although only a refresher course still a huge recap on a learning curve. I think time well spent.

Having had a wonderful heat wave here in the UK well great for the sun worshipers  for myself it sucked the life out of me. So these few showers in the last few days much appreciated. Yeah call me miserable….but I quite like the rain.

Wedding preparations  I have previously mentioned ( a long time ago) are still going on and the date is getting closer and closer. Its all very exciting and exhausting hoping everything has been covered. I’m sure daughter and future son in law will be very happy with the end result. It will be a pleasure to welcome an absoluately great future son- in- law in  to the family.

Am very busy making the wedding invites, I make a lot of cards and party invites but now I’m making them for my daughter I feel very nervous…hoping the design will look just what she has in mind…so far so good!!!

I have recently become sort of hooked on a hilarious American comedy “Big Bang Theory” I think I’m a late comer to this programme, but I’m busy catching up. Sheer genius comedy in more ways than one. Think it’s extraordinary that “Amy”  actually has a  science PhD and is playing the part of a scientist.

I have a work in progress creating an online store and that will be up and running in the near future. More on that soon.








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