Cleaning Candle Holders

Just the job for me. Have loads of votives gunked up and always loath to chuck away

Soap & Candle Maven At Work

Ugh. I’ve been gone for so long, so many things demanding attention, and something had to give. Unfortunately, my blog was one of the casualties. So here I am, hat in hand, apologizing for just disappearing, and bringing a new, practical post.

votive residueEveryone has favorite candle holders, and every one of them get gunky, matted, clogged, besmeared and bewaxed. This is pretty much universal. And everyone does just about the same thing. They look at their pretty holder, and they say “How am I going to clean this!?” It’s not magic, it’s not Witchcraft. It’s easy if you’ll just follow a few steps, and you’ll be patting yourself on the back and helping friends with this problem in no time!

Let’s begin with something simple–votive holders. They sometimes get gooped up with wax, because careful people know not to burn the last bit of wax in the pretty glass containers…

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