Art Deco…..big name in our house at the moment and so on trend

Well the art deco design talk has been very prominent in our household this last 12 months what with wedding preparations being in the style of art deco so a lot of time has been spent looking in to the design and then brainstorming a few ideas around.

This style of jewellery can be dated back to the mid 1920’s – going through until the early 50’s in Paris, France.

Art Deco style has very few curves, but has angular forms and straight lines. Starting out more delicate in its design, Art Deco jewellery moved toward the trend of blockier, bolder styled pieces termed Art Moderne. You can find Art Deco jewellery in many shapes. Some look like animals, including dogs, butterflies and insects, while some look like plants, leaves and floral designs The designs slowly moved forward to a  more  geometrical in shape. Deco’s main characteristic of Art Deco Jewellery is the use of bright, brilliant colours. These are meant to produce a dramatic effect in the jewellery created

The jewellery produced during this time consisted dramatic dangling earrings, beaded necklaces, wide, artistic bracelets mainly colours were bright and dramatic.

In recent times Deco has taken quite a grip in trend. As well as being able to find  genuine pieces that come up in auction and such places. There are a number of really reputable companies’ that reproduce some fabulous reproductions at a very reasonable price. If you enjoy car boots or flea markets you may just pick up an interesting piece. Of course these designs are so popular they are in big demand.




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