Havren-Modern clothes with a vintage feel

The Vintage Inn

Hi Everyone! I wanted to dedicate this post to a lovely British Fashion company that reached out to me recently to introduce me to their line of clothing they thought I would like (and I do!). Now I would like to share them with you ūüôā

Let us meet...HAVREN‚Ästclothing with a¬†contemporary take on feminine dressing


Here are my favorite picks:

This Leopard-print silk-blend dress is so fantastic. I just love the pattern with the bows on the front. The website features it with a cardigan which would be perfect right now for the cold weather Toronto is having (and for the office).

This is from their Autumn/Winter collection that was influenced by the season’s trends that feature feminine silhouettes inspired by the soft, feminine 1940s tea dresses and clean, bold 1960s shifts.

Havren-Leopard print silk dress

The below cropped cashmere cardigan (ahhh cashmere), is gorgeous! I love the colour so…

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