Exciting new ideas,directions, but it all takes time and planning.

End of the summer and into the beautiful autumnal phase which here in the UK isn’t going to last very long, we’re having a lot of lousy weather so winter winds and gales will be with us pretty soon.

I’ve spent a pondering 3 weeks deciding which way or rather how to create another season to my blog seeing as the winter is approaching. No incentive to do much local gadding about, but having said that having been around and about finding out about local points of interests over the spring and summer, I have made a lot of friends and contacts and we’ve been able to help each other in our entrepreneurial activities For instance I have hired out my vintage china and when asked if I “DID” food I had a bit of a panic lets face it preparing food on mass is a bit of a skill…Wow I thought not me for the baking but I do know somebody who does bake.So we matched up together and provided the tea party. since then she has gone from request cakes etc for her friends to seriously working out a business plan to go into business, so I feel very excited for her hope she goes ahead.

All this came about from interest and getting to know what is going on locally and getting to know what people are up to. There are a lot of people out there doing some very interesting things and creating hives of industries. Encouraging and helping one another is a big part of community and there’s always the scenario, what you may be worrying about in your business somebody else maybe  can solve your problem. It’s good to know you can ask.



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