Is Colour Good for You? I Think So….

My previous post on just an insite on colour  therapy is intriguing well from my point of view maybe.

When I put bright colours on I do feel lifted but maybe I think “hey look summary” or some such thing, but I have noticed over the years that if you surround yourself by upbeat people they will be invariably be confident in how they react to various circumstances which in turn affect how you may you think about those same issues. Do they give you confidence to take issues further may be   in less tense environment??

I am talking more about work  the people who probably affect the choices you to make at that given time.

I’m not sure but I do feel that may be there is something to it.

Just think on an English summers day (we have immensely inclement weather) the sun shines and you feel better so why shouldn’t colour therapy help give us a grey damp day and you usually feel you’ve got the horrors

It is worth a thought!


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