Roll Out Summer…..

Here in the UK we have a Bank Holiday this weekend and a very welcome break but to me it always starts to signify the end of the summer. Well I suppose more like the end of school holidays.

When my children were small it usually meant the new school uniforms were bought the usual fuss and battle to get them in to school shoes not fashion shoes became a battle of wits. While this battle was being played out mentally I was preparing for the  next shoe fitting after all, don’t kids grow like weeds? and it went on. The annual holiday over with and probably long forgotten as soon as  the plane hit the tarmac

Yes by now I was exhausted all the entertaining during the school holidays was coming to an end.

I think I felt it was a subliminal act of defiance, for during the whole holidays as I had spent 5-6 weeks “doing it all” Was I any different to any other mum’s, nooooo…of course not, but when you look back on things as the  years roll by and energy levels deplete. How the hell did it all pan out.  I now look on those years as hectic, load of fun and just the way things should have been but…….. by the bank holiday… all good things have  come to an  end.

Would I do it all again yes of  course I would.





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