“Heat” Will Make You Roar with Laughter……Give it a Try

Been away for a few days seeing family and friends, am I ever at home these days ?

No I’m not missing from home that often but it does feel a bit like that at the moment.

So now its back to creativity, scoping out interesting things and just general chat.

Almost forgot to mention, any intellect out there reading this bit of chat treat this with the humourous  intention that’s meant. Went to see the film “Heat” over the weekend Soooooo LOL funny funny. Yes grumpy Sandra Bullock is in it but yet again Melissa McCarthy outshone her in every respect, the woman is genious in comedy. Remember her in ” Bridesmaids ” You want to be uplifted with LOL ,its not a gentle softly softly film and yes there is swearing but if its appropriate for 15’s don’t pull a face just enjoy. Dialogue hilarious and poignant story with levety.

More chat on the way.


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