Not Forgotten – I Will Return To Yoga.

In a  previous post I mentioned I had started to go to yoga, previous being about 6 weeks ago, well I’m ashamed to say (in my defence I’m being honest, really!) and have to admit that I have’nt been since after that 1st one but I did have every intention of continuing….but I did’nt.So bite me!!!

I am reminded now and again “its yoga night tonight …is’nt it or maybe it’s tomorrow night?” I am surrounded by friends who nearly all “do” yoga and take great delight in dropping the inevitable hint about my one class. I know what they are up to.Well it’s now become an obsession with everybody I think.I feel I have to avoid  immediate contact with these normally splendid considerate people, and lets face  do I remind them when they started attending “creative writing ” and were never seen in class again, they disappeared as though they had never walked the earth but did I ever rib them or harangue them…no I did’nt, I let it go, thought I was being a good friend (obviously very modest with it ha-ha)

Well here I am wanting to go to yoga again and I just can’t, its been so long since my one and only visit. I will persevere and slope off to another class. Would I do that.?


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