The Calm Before the Buzz

Strolling along the High St  at late afternoon the myriad of visitors seemed to have slowly made their way home, where ever home is. The throng of people has well and truly thinned out but for the few still around and about it takes on a different quality of presence. Now you can bask in the relative quiet of ancient history, uninterrupted by people jostling and shoving and pushing to get the “great picture or video” to show back home. Now you can take in and absorb the essence of this wonderful ancient architecture.

Where Are the Visitors?

Where Are the Visitors?


Resting Not for Long

Resting Not for Long


3 thoughts on “The Calm Before the Buzz

    • Yes Stratford-on-Avon is beautiful and I’m sure you are aware it was the home of the famous bard William Shakespeare. Masses of history filled with tourists most of the year.You did mention the architecture many of the original properties in this area are of that particular design.We tend to call it Elizabethan but it probably has a wonderful medieavil name.Will have to google it??? also while I’m at it learn how to spell it. In the mean time I shall apply gracious laughter to my probable faux par. Have a great day

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      • Of course! I was there a long time ago I love it! Thank you for the memories! And if you find out that mediaeval name please let me know and thank you for sharing once more


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