Shakespeare’s Birthplace Picturesque Stratford-upon-Avon

Fabulous day spent at Stratford-upon-Avon amid the glorious (unusual) sunshine.  I think next to Buckingham Palace and the likes all the London Royal sites William Shakespeare’s must be the second most popular attraction in the country. I don’t know that for a fact so its definitely not quoteable but last Saturday Stratford was heaving with people, you could hardly move

As I made my way from the parking towards the town which was a  different route Not having been to Stratford-upon-Avon for sooo many years I was wondering how much of it I’d forgotten /  remembered suddenly the River Avon was in front of me and the whole cavalcade of memories started at Sheep St and slight meloncholy set in for a little while. That  passed and the  anticipation of seeing all the old places we used to visit was a strange feeling but a bit like finding an old pair of  favourite shoes in the back of the wardrobe reluctant to throw them away but you put them away safely ’cause even though you’d forgotten about them you still dont want to get rid of them. So you don’t …ever!

Memories and thoughts stay forever, thank goodness I’d say.

The one thing Id forgotten was the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) of course Stratford is the birthplace of the the Bard (Shakespeare) so this is why the theatre is there. It is a modern building now but the original building dates back centuries

RSC from Clopton Bridge Looking Straight on to the Avon

RSC from Clopton Bridge Looking Straight on to the Avon










Royal Shakespeare Company


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