Jewellery Bought and Sold. I Wonder ?

Had a very busy week dashing around sometimes feeling I was getting nowhere and by the end of the day realising all was not lost I had made some progress, probably not as much as I’d liked, but keep going eh!

There are lots of vintage type events happening around here at the moment, no I don’t go to them all, but few I miss….begrudgingly, sometimes I feel like a vintage stalker. ….I’m drawn to these places like  a magnet.

I have got passed the stage of seeing things and buying because I like the items, I’ve probably got a bit more grown up about it ???  I try to make an informed decision on things I may just sell on.    I dont go in for big items like furniture leave that to the big boys, I mainly collect jewellery, ’cause I just love jewellery.In the next week or so theres going to be a free valuation service presented   Fellows and Sons of Birmingham. They buy and sell most kinds jewellery and watches. They are holding a sort of “bring your stuff along and we’ll value it for you” A bit like the programme in the U.K. called the antiques road show. I’m going to pay a visit and see if my purchases have been wise buys or at the very least reasonable  purchases.

We’ll see, heres hoping.,


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