Smelly Carpet Syndrome…..Rescued by Cooking Ingredient. It Works

Having recently moved across the country from one home to another a transition which took about 18mths I was in a position where all my home contents were put into storage. Eventually some time down the line it all came out and ensconced in my present house and I have gradually sorted things out. My biggest concern was a very large woollen chinese  rug, that when rolled out was a bit smelly to say the least. It made me cry almost. It could’nt possibly be used. I was very upset as we’de taken advice on how to prepare it for storage, it was done for us professionally.I was gutted I even thought I’d have to get rid of it!

By sheer chance there was a programme on TV giving natural remedy saving  tips on general household cleaning . I have to admit that I’m very interested in natural remedies for skin care especially, but they are things that my grandmother taught me. This programme suggested that Bicarbonate of Soda sprinkled on the carpet will eliminate any smell. The only bicarb I had was a smallish container of the stuff (used  for cooking) Well last night I laid out the rug on the garage floor and sprinkled the bit of bicarb I had on it.Now I will need more (its a big rug) bicard. I am so relieved the smell is diminishing, it really is so I’m hoping as the week goes on it will become less and less and then nothing. I have to say probably the worse thing that was ever hit the carpet was the odd glass wine (honestly just the odd glass) So I am one very relieved that all is not lost and my gorgeous rug is healing……It works


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