Lord Leycester Hospital

Lord Leyster Hospital

Revisiting Warwick after being away from the area for some years was a very pleasurable it seemed as though hardly anything had changed.  surprise surprise the same antique shops, of which there are many were still there. The walks down the narrow cobbled streets still in existance surrounded by the historic Elizabethan buildings. I suppose I would have been shocked if some had been knocked down, well lets face it nobody’s going to do that, but the familiarety was so reassuringly delightful.

The Lord leyster Hospital

The Lord Leycester Hospital is not now, and has never been used as a hospital. The word hospital is used in its ancient sense meaning “a charitable institution for the housing and maintenance of the needy, infirm or aged”.

The picture shows a group of timber framed buildings dating as far back as the 14 century and borders the Norman gateway  into Warwick with its 12th  century Chantry Chapel Behind the building is a very pretty but small Masters Garden

For nearly 200 years it was the home of Warwick’s mediaeval Guilds.Since the reign of Queen Elizabeth I it became a place of retirement for old warriors and their wives. So it remains today as an independent charity providing a home for ex-Servicemen and their wives.

The Hospital is open all year round and welcomes visitors from all over the world throughout the year.

It has since become a popular venue for Civil Ceremony Weddings.


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