Time Stood A Little Still.

My visit to the beautiful county of  Worcestershire (for all you non Brits yes it is the same as the sauce) Its a very old town and has the numerous Elizabethan looking buildings  which of course are steeped in our  history. Luckily many of these buildings have been preserved over the years and of course providing  our many towns with immense historical beauty and curiosity.

In the town they have the “Bewdley Museum” which is not a huge place but you could easily spend 2-3 hrs there just looking around. It has obviously been renovated from some very old buildings. Which maybe in their time (many years ago) probably housed some kind of working environment.

Here you can see the entrance to the Museum, as you can see the buildings are constructed from reclaimed and preserved brickwork of the time.

Its given us the imagination to see a glimpse of how the people lived in those days.

Entranceto Bewdley Museum


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