Old Established Recipe for Face Cleanser

Small quantities will do I  think.!!!  All natural ingrediants

This mask can be done twice a week. “This mask heals, exfoliates, brightens and moisturizes skin. It refines pores, fades acne marks and prevents blemishes from coming up

Combine 2 Tbsp sour cream with 2 Tbsp honey and 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. Apply to your cleansed face and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse with tepid water followed by a cool (not cold) rinse.

Courtesy of  joypng.com


3 thoughts on “Old Established Recipe for Face Cleanser

    • Hello Crystal, thank you for dropping by my blog yes do go ahead and try it, it is very good and very simple. I have actually a few more old fashioned remedies that are totally natural, I must get them on line. Find I’m spreading my myself a bit thin with too many ideas to concentrate on and just do one thing at a time, then i find that I get nothing done.That is so frustrating and the worse thing is I can only blame myself. I really should take many leaves out of the “book” of advice that your blog offers
      I do follow your blog with great interest theres another blog I really have admiration for and its called “strictlyholistic” Maybe youd like to have a look at it. (hope I’ve done this link correctly) Anything could happen!!!
      If you get around to making the face cleanser do let me know how you get on.
      Regards Alex


      • Thank you, Alex! I can absolutely relate to having many ideas and spreading yourself thin. 🙂
        Thanks for following my blog! I hope to be a source of soothing and uplifting for you and everyone.
        I actually follow “strictlyholistic”! Thank you for the suggestion. I think it’s great. 🙂
        I’ll let you know how the cleanser goes.
        Take care and we’ll be in touch. 🙂
        Have a great day!


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