Yoga….Not Vintage………Just Fabulously Ancient

Yoga through meditation works remarkably well to achieve harmony and helps the mind
work in synchronization with the body.We often feel we are unable  to function properly, sometimes its not a huge worry but you just wish you could feel generally better about yourself,  maybe how your thinking how you  feel.?
Because of the confusions and conflicts in our mind things can so easily get out of proportion.

Sometimes you just want to change a few things so how do you do it, well I thought I’d give Yoga a go. It is an ancient practice and I’ve been meaning to do it for ages, know quite a few people who go regularly. Whether meditation will be my forte, who knows? Am eager to get started, but I think I will suffer the day after, there will be muscles that have lain dormant forever so I think they are going to hurt big time.

A bit to sort out but we’ll see. Will keep you posted oooooh!


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