Bambi figurines

I have a number of these, acquired them when I was child then I got some more going around car boots quite some time ago. They are so pretty


vintage bambi figurinesBambi figurines
made in Australia and Japan, c.1950s

Ok, we’re back into kitsch territory. I fully acknowledge that the reason I love bambis SO much is that I wasn’t allowed to have one when I was little – they were considered by my parents to be ‘common’ [by which they meant kitsch.] Little wonder that I grew to so thoroughly embrace all things kitsch!

I have purposely collected 1950 era bambis that were made here in Australia or in Japan – these are NOT Disney figurines, which I think look more ‘commercial’. All the bambis are in repose, except for the back one that is part of a set of two, who is frolicking over a tree stump. The darker brown bambi in the front is souvenir ware, hailing from the South Coast in Narooma [as evidenced by the painted script on its side.]

For sale: $AUD145

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