Vintage Tea Time before the Dreaded Teabag made an Appearance

Just to remind all vintage lovers how it used to be soooo many years ago, the front parlour was the special room where it was used to greet family and friends and serve afternoon tea.

Probably the only other times “the parlour” was used was Christmas and high days .

My grand mother was the advocate of regimented peeks in to the parlour to  give us an opportunity to glance at the” inheritance?” that one day would eventually come our way. To us children it meant very little, but I do remember things used to shine and glisten. To a small childs eyes it was as if  jewells were shining from everywhere. Probably polished and dusted VERY regularly. All us grandchildren would all be very excited to see these  ornaments and glassware and  believe me we were’nt allowed to touch anything. Which as little ones the temptation to touch was incredible.I have to say I don’t remember any accidents but I find it hard to believe that not one of us ever managed to knock anything over. To terrified to probably move, ha-ha!!

Never the less they were happy times when we were eventually allowed to be in the parlour to have little sandwiches anVintage Tea Time in the Parlourd tea poured out of a tea pot. Now that was special

Thinking about it maybe tea bags  had’nt been invented  in those bygone days, if they had my grandmother would’nt have allowed them through the door.


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