Is the Spring in Warwickshire?……..Maybe……..Will it stay?….. May Be Not!!!!!

Today we have beautiful weather in the UK, but for how long  I ask myself. Our weather is so unpreditcable  well the global weather is awful makes me think “Is the world coming to an end” Something is going on, its all so scientific what can I say….

The bluebells are just crowding the roadsides, embankments and the woods, and they are beautiful. What a glorious sight. When the sun shines we do really feel so much better and natures wonderful colours makes it a double enjoyment.

I live in the beautiful countryside of Warwickshire so I am blessed with stunning (if there’s no rain) surrounding scenery, and for my consuming interest in vintage and antiquities’ places me right  right in the middle of where  it all goes on. Loads of village fayres, craft centres and such. Let alone the usual car boots, I think in the USA you call them garage sales. I sometimes will “do” an antiques fayre I will  sell some of my bits and pieces, sometimes I can have a really good day other times are just ok, but they are always good fun. You get to know the regulars, people are friendly, and if nothing else you can always put the world to right (kind of ?)

I recently visited a local craft centre called  Boxtrees  Craft Centre it was only a flying visit as it was coming up to closing time, just gave me enough time to have a quick look around, it looked promising so I shall be returning with more time to spend and have a really good snoop around.


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