Vintage China – Going Going Gone!!!

Well maybe not exactly gone….but maybe on its way

I made a post a few days ago saying I had quite a good idea of putting my old china plates,cups and saucers etc to good use. This idea did’nt actually originate from me, so no claim there. Through a friend of a friend sort of situation I was asked if I’d consider loaning some of my crockery out. I do have a bit of a reputation for collecting china, one of my favourites, anyway I gave it a bit of thought and  I suddenly felt precious about my pieces, I did feel a bit funny about it  Although  I did smile to myself, there I was suddenly getting very precious about it and when I did eventually get in to the unopened boxes I found  I’d forgotten about more than half the stuff. I don’t know whether I felt guilty for hoarding this stuff without thought, or feeling a bit mean about sharing it. Needless to say I cleared my conscience and loaned it willingly, all 8 place settings plus extra bits.

It was for an very elderly lady’s  90th birthday I have to admit the table looked very pretty I put a lace tablecloth on the table and put the 8 settings in place with sugar bowl, milk jug,  teapot and a few other bits. I even put some old fashioned flowers in the centre, very casual a bit countryfied. It was so easy to achieve and looked quite charming. It was a pleasure to do and the lady seemed so pleased. I did feel like giving myself a pat on the head, but I suppose that was going too far he-he!

Now I’m waiting for some kind of response to my advert from the auction site…nothing as yet, but it has’nt long been on.



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