Out of the Blue Has an Idea Been Hatched ???

It was back to work well back to the normal routine of work  after the bank holiday which I don’t normally moan about,  maybe just a little,but the weather had been so nice over the weekend for us in the  UK it was more or less a positive slant towards  Spring. About time I hasten to add. Today completely different, admitted it had been lovely this AM but now 2.30.pm it’s much cooler and the sun has vanished! What have we got forecasted  ? yea you’ve guessed it RAIN.

You know not even the blasted real rain is going to “rain” on my parade.Had a bit of an  unusual request well it was more of a finding out I suppose, but its given me something to think about without concerning myself at this stage on details. I am  interested in vintage styles of anything whether it is fashion, jewellery, furniture even a lot of my card making has a flavour of vintage, so most people know my interest. So I suppose this is the connection for the following. One of those out of the blue situations where somebody has asked me if I would be interested in doing them a favour and loan them any fine china odd plates / cups and saucers / cake serving stands for a community function in the local area.  Well yes I do have a lot of these  items that I’ve collected over the years and I’m happy for them to be used (not made a commitment yet) So this set me thinking maybe I can create something out of this. I do feel quite excited about it, so went ahead and advertised my china for hire on a national UK  site. I am waiting to see if I get any interest??? Will  keep you informed of any movement. Wish me luck


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