An Epiphany. Opportunities Can Be Right in Front of You. Grab ‘Em

Bank holiday here in the U.K. so it’s  extra day off work, more time to do the things I REALLY want to do, no not laze around well just a little time of doing nothing, then start the enjoyable things. My daughters came and visited on Friday/ Saturday and it was a lovely treat they popped over on their own, no partners. I have to clarify that statement just a little. They both have partners of long standing who are fabulous, could not ask for better and we all get on so well (well I seem  to think we do or am I living on another planet!! oh well) but once in a while to have my girls to myself  is such a treat. So I make the most of it, it’s kind of cosy. Went for a meal in to Birmingham at the Mailbox, had a great catchup on all sorts of things. Totally hilarious and chaotic.

The next day we went for a mooch around at the Craft Centre at Earlswood, to be quite truthful, we had’nt been there for many years so I was wondering what it would be like now, and we were’nt disappointed it was just as nice and pretty, a fair selection of units, well they had no doubt changed, but I came away with  one of my finds, so I was a very happy bunny. I make hand made greeting cards it is purely a theraputic hobby although I do get people now and again asking me to make a card for them, as I really enjoy making them I am more than happy to oblige. I always  have a stash of cards at the ready. As I tend to make one offs and love to embellish with unusual things for instance some of my gems and materials from my vintage stuff . I fool myself that my hoardings are decreasing. I think not!!!

One of the units there was a Button and Gems outlet, we went in and could’nt believe it was like an Aladdin’s Cave of sparkle, it was only a small tiny place but they had every space covered  we were trying to imagine a stock take of that lot. NIGHTMARE!!. We were paying customers so as they say” I just let it go”  I came away with a few things for my cards, only small things but a lot of them. Very necessary I felt.

The great thing was  they did jewellery classes, a class was taking place when we entered, so they invited us to watch  for a while, it was very  interesting I did classes in jewellery making some 2 yrs ago and really enjoyed it. I can tell you its not as easy as it looks, but persevering gets you to a productive stage. Not for me then but I did enjoy it. So that’s going to be my next venture waiting for a class so I can attend. I’ve got a really good design book on Art Deco jewellery picked it up in a charity shop some time  ago. Now that may come in handy once I find it……That shop is not the only Aladdin’s Cave it seems


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