Solihull the French Style

Being local to Solihull in the West Midlands I pop in quite frequently. Last Saturday was no different, now whether the lovely weather had brought people out or just the plain fact that there were a few “things” going on I don’t know, but the place was  packed. St Alphege Church were holding  their Fayre , my type of thing I like to mooch around see if there’s anything I can pick up. Not this time.

Realised then that there was a French Market on, lots of people milling around,  the atmosphere was good and upbeat.The market had been there for most of the week apparently. A  big effort was made to create the atmosphere, there was somebody playing the accordian. Such a traditional sound, immediately you had a strong association of things very french.  Solihull is such a pretty town and the sun was shining down it felt quite warm , for a split second with the smell of the hog roast on the spit,the music and the various stalls. I felt I was in France all be it through sheer atmosphere.

There were a lot of  moochy type stalls.There was a cheese stall (or course), there was a wonderful parisian scarfe stall, a number of meat stalls, soap stall. I liked that particularly as the soaps were naturally made with olive oil, many different fragrances all gorgeous, they were free of any man made ingredient. So I had a treat for myself and bought some early Xmas presents.I learnt that the French Market comes to Solihull on the last Friday of the month. For me that’s a date to look forward to. Lets just hope the weather can be kind and please no wind or rain!


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