Vintage Hoardings

My family affectionately call it my hoardings, but I do know what they are trying to say,” enough is enough”, but I do tend to get drawn to places where you can maybe have a lucky find, search out lace tablecloths, velvet and silk ribbons, crochet placemats you name it I’ve probably bought it at some time or another. Oh I’ve bought plenty of knick knacks that have found their way to the local charity shops or car boot, they are what I refer to as my genuinely silly buys, so out they have to go. What do they say “one man’s rubbish is another man’s pot of gold” Well we all like different things so it’s easy to off load.

I worked in as antique shop for some years and  absolutely thoroughly enjoyed it, there was a lot of learning to get round and I did pride myself on my self gained knowledge, but what a learning curve, from something that was just a passion now I had to gain so much more knowledge but I did persevere. It was hard at times it was like constantly having a history lesson but still enjoyable.

So the whole time I was working in the antique shop I was still on the look out for “my” type of thing, which was mainly lace, velvet, flatware, glassware and china to name but a few. A lot of what I’ve bought over the years and still buy is not for monetary value it’s simply for the look of it, There is nothing more pleasing than drinking out of a fine china cup and saucer for instance. No I don’t drink out of fine china every day but special occasions why not?

Laying a table with a victorian lace or a 1940’s/50’s  table cloth is a delight. To be able to lay the accompanying flatware all neatly and correctly placed is a joy. When the table is laid ( Christmas and high days) I stand back and appreciate my efforts with a ” job well done” feeling. No… I don’t take myself too seriously I just love the whole effect. Nearly always top it off with some flowers in a pretty vintage vase.






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